Use of the datasets
Use the dataset is only permitted for personal use.
It is not allowed to copy or hand over the dataset to another person.
It is not allowed to copy the dataset or publish it on the Internet, on paper or any other way.
It is not allowed to use the dataset for any commercial purpose.

Information datasets
The information in the datasets has been composed with care and to best capacity. Facile Media does not guarantee that content is without mistakes and/or complete. The number of GPS-coordinates per country is published on our Internet site: Most of coordinates will bring you directly to desired point. If not possible the point will be on street-level. This means that the system will bring you into the street of the desired point.

Download costs € 3.25 per dataset (country), VAT included. Payments will be effected by Paypal (payment with Paypal-account or credit-card). After approval of the payment you get access to download the ordered dataset immediately. Purchaser recognizes and accepts that is request it is carried out after the payment has been approved.

Upload and use datasets
Facile Media provides the datasets in several formats for almost all navigation systems. For uploading in the navigation systems we refer to the user guide of your system. Facile Media is not responsible for uploading and use of the datasets in your navigation system.

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